The Academy is keen to support multi-disciplinary research work and provide internships to university students. Through active knowledge sharing, the Academy is spreading awareness of the impact of geospatial sciences in our lives at all levels and specifically seeks to support projects driven by NGOs and Governments.

Currently we offer:

One-month internship programs with the Academy culminating with a mini-project on applied geospatial work to specific domains: urban planning, water and sewerage planning, telecommunication, power transmission, forestry, wildlife, heritage buildings, environment
Three to four months of project work for near-live projects on geospatial applications, software and algorithm development for the geospatial industry
Research work at Master's and Doctoral level studies, where the Academy can provide technology support, facilitate data capture and analysis, and assist the students and faculty to conduct impact studies, or in the development of application tools, leading to patents
Specific customised programs for University faculties as Continuous Education Programs
Campus to Corporate programs comprising skill development with technology focus on geospatial sciences, remote sensing, and their applications

For more information contact the program coordinator at coordinator@iicacademy.com