Advances in geospatial sciences impact our lives in every possible way. The rapid evolution and growth of the industry has given rise to a shortage of skilled staff in the talent pipeline. Building a team of people with a deep knowledge and understanding of the earth sciences is not easy. This, however, is the challenge that IIC Academy has set for itself.

The Academy offers industry-focused programs covering all aspects of geospatial sciences with courses ranging from fundamental to advanced levels, of short and long duration, which are flexible and can be customized to meet specific user needs.

The Academy programs are open at all levels of proficiency in the geospatial industry. We have programs at the entry, mid and advanced levels. Our objective is to ensure that our candidates not only have the knowledge but also the skills required, to effectively use that knowledge. We also ensure that the candidates are developed to be fully professional and are industry- ready from their first day.

The content of learning programs can be customized to meet specific client requirements and can be conducted, either at the Academy, or at the client’s premises.

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