Teams are organic and often in a constant state of flux. It is a fact of working life both that employees move on and that sometimes the people who start initiatives move on; both leave a vacuum. Investments in products/software become redundant and the teams that use them as their basic tools of the profession, can easily get out of step with technology changes. And so it becomes a challenge to ensure that all team members are fully and continually trained to allow them to operate at full efficiency and effectiveness.

The IIC Academy fills this vacuum by providing continuous and customized learning support to address project needs. This is achieved through tailor-made programs.The programs will look to maximize the usage of existing client investments in commercial or licensed application software and ensure that the training program can drive maximum benefit from these investments.

Our pool of field-practitioners provide realism in learning through their varied professional experiences. Case studies and project work as part of the learning program are aligned to user-specific areas of geospatial work. Our wide experience allows us to bring expertise to bear in sectors such as  urban planning, utilities mapping,  forestry, habitat mapping, marine mapping, heritage buildings and the environment.

Programs for specific departments or projects can be delivered whereever is most convenient and effective.

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The Academy also supports multi-disciplinary areas of research that are funded through Government or quasi-Government bodies and executed through NGOs, Academia or chosen institutions. Academy support is available in many forms, for example technology application, data capture, analysis and development of policy or decision making.