We believe that the Geospatial industry is all set for a big leap. GIS Technologies will play the role of key enabler to better manage for sustenance and improve the quality of life and environment for everyone. Just as in the Corporate or the Government sectors, GIS information will enable NGO's to plan more effectively, manage their assets and execute their projects more efficiently.

The IIC Academy is keen to support and empower NGO's who can benefit from the use of GIS, especially those involved with environmental benefit programs.

The programs can be customised to meet particular requirements. We can address specific domains of work, teach you to use better and exploit different GIS software tools from commercial or open source platforms, and very much more...

Some specific areas of interest:

GIS in Disaster Recovery Planning
3D Buildings
GIS for Environmental Preservation and Risk Management
GIS for Community Resource Management
GIS and Election Planning
Adding Geo-content to your web page and reports
Spatial Analysis Google Earth
Using Open Street Map and other Open Source Mapping Tools
Arrival City (Slum) Mapping

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