There is a growing demand for geospatial specialists and analysts worldwide. New curricula especially in higher education, are being introduced globally in a variety of forms. There is a shortage in the talent pipeline which the Academy is addressing.

The focus of the IIC Academy is to develop students to become professional in both their skills and attitudes, to be work ready and able to meet the exacting standards of GIS Corporations worldwide.

The content of programs is therefore contextually built with case studies and projects that replicate real-life, domain-specific assignments. Program delivery is built around a blended learning method which uses classroom led learning and virtual learning approaches to get the best results.

Our goal is to become a Corporate University for Geospatial Sciences and we are already collaborating with the best of academia across the world to develop our programs.

Currently the Academy offers short, industry-focused programs on GIS and remote sensing. These programs can be conducted during semester breaks, weekends, or as part of semester curricula 2 to 4 hours a week.

Specific programs include:

Fundamentals of GIS, with specific skills to handle GIS-based projects at entry level in industry
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing, with specific skills to handle geospatial-based projects at entry level in industry
Certificate level training on AutoCAD leading to certification by Autodesk

Program Calendar

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